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Our Process

The LUXURY Experience


At Rendition LUXURY Homes, we believe that the only thing more unique and exquisite than the custom dream homes we build are our clients who live in them. We are committed to creating more than just a special place that you call home; we strive to create an overall homebuilding experience that is custom-tailored and worthy enough to indulge even the most discerning tastes in quality, service, and satisfaction. From concept to construction, every detailed facet of the Rendition LUXURY Homes design process is suited to exceed the expectations of those who have come to expect the very best. We understand that one of the most important factors in accomplishing this is by effectively communicating with you throughout the entire homebuilding experience – from concept to completion.

Concept & Design

Our emphasis on communication and customization begins at the very inception of your project. During this phase, we are committed to providing you with:

  • Effective planning sessions with architects and consultants to accurately capture your unique style and functional requirements

  • Open collaboration and recommendations for design details, materials, appliances, finishes, and fixtures to clarify your vision

  • Precise documentation of home finishes , including: exterior and interior details; interior elevations of kitchens, bathrooms, and high-detail rooms; special materials specifications materials, colors and finishes

  • Price estimation, value engineering, and evaluation to ensure your design goals are achieved within your desired budget


With each detail in mind, your dedicated project team then begins the process of identifying the best trade partner “fit” for your home. We analyze and compare bids to ensure the scope of work and materials are consistent with your objectives. One thing to keep in mind here is that to the extent possible the more complete the construction drawings and specifications the more accurate the construction budget. We will help you get the most complete construction drawings to minimize the unknown details of your home.


Once the budget has been approved and finalized, the interim construction loan is closed and we can begin the construction of your custom dream home. It’s at this phase, to further ensure your satisfaction, that a pre-construction conference is held with you in an effort to set expectations and clarify requirements for the overall project.


In an effort to keep you fully informed once your home construction has started and moved into the production phase, we are committed to providing you with:

  • The convenience of a dedicated project manager who works on your behalf as an intermediary for everyone working on the home. Conveniently coordinating the work of architects, consultants, trade partners, craftsmen, and suppliers to ensure that your luxury home is successfully completed on-time and on-budget

  • Weekly communication designed to keep you confidently informed on all aspects of your home’s progress, including snapshots, critical next steps, current budget status, and any outstanding issues regarding the construction of your new home

With over 70 years of experience building custom homes, our passion for excellence is evident in every phase of the Rendition LUXURY Experience. We define our business on the strong bonds we build with our trade partners and clients just as much as building exquisite homes. We believe in serving you at the highest level and strive to exceed your expectations by partnering with expert craftsmen, being responsive to your needs, and proactively communicating through every step of the process. A dedicated project manager and full back-office support team ensures that your entire building process is efficient and meets the superior standards you can expect from a Rendition LUXURY home.

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