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Household emergencies are problems that require immediate attention to protect you and your family from harm or to avoid damage to your personal property, home, lot or adjacent properties during the first year after you close escrow on your home.  These problems include:

  • A total stoppage of the plumbing drain system during the first 30 days after you move in: if your plumbing drain system ceases to work, or if none of your sinks, tubs or toilets will function properly.  Frozen pipes or stoppage of one toilet or drain when other bathrooms are functional is not an emergency.
  • A water leak that requires the water supply to your home to be shut off to avoid serious water damage.  A leak which can be isolated by the shutoffs under a cabinet or plumbing fixture is not an emergency.
  • A total electrical failure in which there is no electric service in your home.  Please observe neighboring homes to decide if the failure in your home or throughout the neighborhood.  Electrical failures in the neighborhood should be reported to the electric utility.
  • A partial electrical failure which affects the operation of your refrigerator, stove, oven or furnace when the temperature inside the home falls below 54 degrees.

In case of household emergency, your first step should be to protect your family from harm.  After that, take steps to correct or lessen the effects of the emergency problem.  Damage from a water leak can be minimized by turning off the water to a particular fixture or turning off the water main to your home.

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